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wow, you guys got married!!     Most excellent, congratulations.       And it sounds like you get to stay in the US, maybe.    More excellent.   


Thank you! Hope your classical music exploration has been more pleasure...!


Congratulations for your wedding !
On the first day of 2007 you left this comment on my page:

quoting me: "Do we fall in love with what we imagine people are? I surely do."
That's why some people, including me, don't like falling in love. And it's toxic. You don't know it until you get out of the relationship and look at it from different perspect.

Well, happy to see that you, somehow, changed your mind.
I changed mine too. Thank you for your cheering messages !
All the best.


GT, good to see you on TypePad, and I'm so Happy to hear of your marriage to Patrick! Congratulations!

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