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Most important:   you have Patrick!


That's why I am being able to separate my joy with Patrick and agony with my family. Somewhat. 


i was raised in a catholic home too!  i also decided to become agnostic as an adult.  i'm lucky that the rest of my family also decided to take a similar path and no longer belong to the church.  My good friend has the same problem you have with your mom, she is really mad that he is no longer catholic.  he has no girlfriend, but she said she won't go to his wedding.  it's so sad that religion makes people miss the message of love and acceptance that Jesus preaches in the bible.


it's funny that most organized religions claim to be about love but often end up with the opposite.

you can't give someone religious faith, it's not a gift nor is it something you can force. it makes me laugh in a bitter way, whenever i see people try to make someone believe in god the same way they do. it is as if they are trying to win something, but what? another soul? power?

i don't get it.

for completely different reasons my family was not supportive of my marrying my husband. they made him feel like an outsider and created a lot of stress for us - especially around the holidays. over time, however, things have mellowed and it is much easier for us to get along.

regardless of this rift in your family, try to take the long view. it's hard for people to stay mad for years. eventually i suspect they will miss you too much to be angry.

try to be patient and enjoy this special time with Patrick, and congratulations!


Thank you! I am actually enjoying my days, surprisingly. I think I am not too sad because what my mom and Y asked me was too absurd and almost surreal.
We are having big projects due to this big shift of our life and quite busy with more planning and doing.

I think they will get around with us, but I still need to learn how to talk to them since I am really really sucky at communicating in this kind of circumstance. I guess I will try to chat with Y today...



Congrats, families are always a pain in the ass, that's why they are family.

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